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LEADERS SPORTS is the foremost Sports apparel and Gloves manufacturing company of Pakistan with more than 29 years of experience behind its back. We are fully capacitated to handle any volume orders. Leathers, digital XS Grip Leather, Digital Printed Leather, Fabric Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing, Cutting, Laser Cutting, Stitching, Packing, Embroidery, Sublimation Printing, Washing and Special Performance Finishes are all dealt with in house according to “ISO-9001:2008”

For many years, Many brands have counted on our quality, making LEADERS SPORTS a fully vertical and specialized Manufacturing company.

It is located in Pakistan’s industrial city SIALKOT which is known all over the world for its quality Sports Gloves, Apparel and accessories. LEADERS SPORTS is an integral part of its business community, continuously striving to revolutionize business practices in the region. We believe our success is due to highly focused concentration on quality and speedy turnaround – a combination which increases our customer’s edge in a highly competitive marketplace. Hard work and utmost commitment from its employees and management, strict quality control measures, timely shipments and reliable service standards have been paramount towards LEADERS SPORTS’S phenomenal growth.

Mission & Vision

LEADERS SPORTS is built on a commitment to quality, innovation and the quest for creating classic, timeless, desirable products.


The management of LEADERS SPORTS is working to meet and match all specific and general requirements to make the company world class in terms of compliance and conformance. In this direction we have developed, maintained and enforced all policies and procedures to regulate its corporate affairs. These parameters have been developed to inform our world class suppliers for the sake of right work place and production facilities organization in the facility. These efforts have been implemented with the vision that we should have to have equal and monolithic vision and stance to meet all requirements demanded by the consumers in developed world. This standard will provide all details in this regard according to the global vision of corporate practices.

products inoformation

Our new products are according to international standard and made with latest technology with 100% quality.

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